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Multimedia, AV "Sony has announced it is to deliver its last MiniDisc stereo next month. It marks an end to the firm's support for the system which it launched in 1992. The format only ever had limited success outside of Japan and was ultimately doomed by the rise of recordable CDs and MP3 players." My format of choice for personal audio up until a few years ago, when the rest of the world had already long moved on to MP3. Nothing beats the satisfying sound of closing a portable MiniDisc player/recorder with a disc in it.
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by Chrispynutt on Mon 4th Feb 2013 17:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: sony..."
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Hmm, they sell blu ray players and discs in my local super market. And this is not a city store by any means.

I think there is a lot more range than just binary fail and success.

MD was successful in some markets, not all. Beta lived on as a production format. Blu Ray is allegedly the format the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will use.

So yeah DVD and CD were far bigger success. Complete barn stormers. But we are not talking about HD-DVD, digital tape, Video 2000 style failures either.

What I would agree with is that Sony's strangle hold on a format directly affects the success for the format. However a good format is still a good format for all that.

However niche success is quite different from complete flop.

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