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Gnome "At the GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest in Brussels, the GNOME developer community has tackled the problem of specifying a canonical development language for writing applications for the GNOME desktop. According to a blog post by Collabora engineer and GNOME developer Travis Reitter, members of the GNOME team are often asked what tools should be used when writing an application for the desktop environment and, up until now, there has been no definitive answer. The team has now apparently decided to standardise on JavaScript for user-facing applications while still recommending C as the language to write system libraries in." Discuss.
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by Morgan on Mon 4th Feb 2013 20:56 UTC in reply to "..."
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Non-programmer question here: So where does it end? I mean, can the entire DE be rewritten in JS (I'm thinking not) or will there still have to be a ton of low-level C based stuff to hold it all together?

And if the latter is the case, why even bother moving to such a high level, browser engine dependent language for app development? Granted I'm far from an expert on these matters, but from what I've read over the years, moving JS outside the realm of browser executed web scripts is more of a hack than anything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for using an easy to learn, simple but powerful language for future desktop apps, but I think the Gnome team is making a mistake here. They are building walls that they won't be able to tear down in the future, limiting themselves to a very narrow path for future app development.

Then again, they've been doing that since Gnome 3 was first conceived.

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