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Google "People are, unsurprisingly, upset that Microsoft have imposed UEFI Secure Boot on the x86 market. A situation in which one company gets to determine which software will boot on systems by default is obviously open to abuse. What's more surprising is that many of the people who are upset about this are completely fine with encouraging people to buy Chromebooks. Out of the box, Chromebooks are even more locked down than Windows 8 machines." Good point.
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A shame about the lock down...
by rklrkl on Tue 5th Feb 2013 00:01 UTC
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...because the Chromebook is the closest thing left to a netbook we now have, after the category was killed and replaced by overpriced Ultrabooks.

It's a pity it sounds tricky to get a proper Linux distro on them, because Chrome OS is mostly useless without a Net connection and quite restricted on what you can run compared to a fully blown Linux. Some hardy souls have got Fedora booting from an SD card, but I'd rather have it booting from an internal SSD for speed reasons.

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