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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Many people think that all Androids are equal and it's a race to the bottom where the cheapest vendor wins. This could not be farther from the truth. For me, it all began half-a-year ago, when I bought the Samsung Galaxy S III and was absolutely stunned by it, then exploring and comparing it with other Androids. Now that Google has fired a shot across the bow with its low pricing for the unlocked Nexus 4, where does that leave Samsung and its flagship handset?
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Well, CM generally gets rid of the carrier-applied crap and the crap the manufacturer has added.

Ah well, it's not a carrier phone so it came with blissfully little crap. Maybe there's one or two apps I can see getting rid off but not enough to bother with the process of rooting and installing CM.

CM is often faster and more stable than official ROMs and gets security-updates faster.

I do't think Gingerbread gets any more updates ;)

You obviously don't do anything with it that'd require rooting, then

Yes, I guess not. I read somewhere that you needed root for BT tethering, wifi hotspot and stuff like that but I have that without being root. Maybe that's the bliss of non-carrier, cheapo phones.

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