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Google "People are, unsurprisingly, upset that Microsoft have imposed UEFI Secure Boot on the x86 market. A situation in which one company gets to determine which software will boot on systems by default is obviously open to abuse. What's more surprising is that many of the people who are upset about this are completely fine with encouraging people to buy Chromebooks. Out of the box, Chromebooks are even more locked down than Windows 8 machines." Good point.
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"I'm saying that the reasons for UEFI's and SecureBoot's widespread adoption aren't to help protect users, but to transfer control over the machine from the user to the manufacturer and the security thing is just a cloak under which they want to hide it. News sites such as OSNews are doing users a disservice by not calling the vendors out on it at every opportunity. This isn't about securing your machine from attackers. It's about securing the machine from you, the owner."

Your entirely right about the maligned corporate impetus behind secure boot, but why are you dissing OSNews in the process? I'm not suggesting OSNews be above criticism, but I don't really understand what your getting at here in saying they're doing users a disservice? IMHO this article was published precisely to highlight the secure boot OS prejudices that your alluding to.

Serious question: what would you have Thom do differently in covering the topic?

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