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Google "People are, unsurprisingly, upset that Microsoft have imposed UEFI Secure Boot on the x86 market. A situation in which one company gets to determine which software will boot on systems by default is obviously open to abuse. What's more surprising is that many of the people who are upset about this are completely fine with encouraging people to buy Chromebooks. Out of the box, Chromebooks are even more locked down than Windows 8 machines." Good point.
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RE: Ironic Title
by pgeorgi on Tue 5th Feb 2013 18:27 UTC in reply to "Ironic Title"
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I hope there's enough public outcry on non-wintel platforms to pressure all vendors to open up Secure Boot on their respective platforms as well.

chromebooks don't use UEFI SecureBoot, which is what Matt is whining about. ARM chromebook with locked down UEFI SecureBoot would probably be okay, as long as it's UEFI.

Fanboys are a weird bunch.

Google, for it's part, is going to find itself in a tossup between it's role in standing up for open principals or behaving more like OS/hardware vendors who want to lock out end users & competitors.

Lock out end users? You can install whatever firmware you want. chromeos verified boot (with your own keys), UEFI (with your own keys if you so desire), seabios for "normal" BIOS (on x86 chromebooks anyway).

They do lock out competitors - as commented in the comments to mjg's rant, the chromeos devs want to enable user installable keys in the default install.

That might solve it, or not. Depending on how they do it, that still won't help Redhat.
I don't care, it's about user freedom, not 1bio us$ revenue, 800lbs gorilla company freedom.

Yes, I'm grumpy. mjg praises UEFI SecureBoot, a closed standard of which all real-world implementations are closed sorce, as if it was his own invention, while ranting against other open source projects.

Ironically, I might be the first to release an open source x86 UEFI with SecureBoot soonish - mjg is best ignored IMNSHO.

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