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Windows And there we are - the Surface Pro reviews are in. Reading through them all, there's clearly a common theme, and it's not particularly positive. We're a few months in now, so I think we can finally call it: Windows 8 and Surface are the wrong way to go.
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Surface Pro
by Nelson on Wed 6th Feb 2013 13:13 UTC
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The Surface Pro is hard to love. The premise of the idea is sound. A no compromise device that can scale to handle all of your work flow from the simplest to the most complex.

I think the Surface Pro has crucial misses which will make it DOA in the market except for a small niche:

- Too expensive.
While I don't think they should go down to $199 or whatever, they are still to expensive. I don't know who they're aiming for, but they've specced and priced theirselves out of any market.

- Form factor needs a solution for laps
I think the Surface desperately needs to be more usable from your lap. This is a key scenario.

- Compromise more on specs:
Toss the ARM processor in RT, toss the Core i5 and throw in a low power Intel processor.

Most people want a tablet that's a good netbook. $399-499 is the sweet spot. Not an Ultrabook class wannabe Tablet with abysmal battery life.

A lot of this can only be attributed to Microsoft's lack of optimization. The W700 is specced similarly but gets way better battery life. Surface Pro getting a THIRD of Surface RT's battery life is unacceptable. Someone dropped the ball.

- Weight
You MUST have the weight of a tablet and the strength of an ultrabook if that's what theyre trying to pull off. Having the weight of an Ultrabook and masquerading as a tablet is never going to work.

This all could've been avoided if Microsoft had aborted the Surface RT and Surface Pro and released just a "Surface" with midrange Intel processor, modest specs, exceptional battery life, and respectable performance.

I think in their quest to not compromise, they made the wrong compromises.

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