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Windows And there we are - the Surface Pro reviews are in. Reading through them all, there's clearly a common theme, and it's not particularly positive. We're a few months in now, so I think we can finally call it: Windows 8 and Surface are the wrong way to go.
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RE: Surface Pro
by galvanash on Wed 6th Feb 2013 16:47 UTC in reply to "Surface Pro"
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Form factor needs a solution for laps

This one I 100% agree with. I think this ends up being the platforms achilles heel.

toss the Core i5 and throw in a low power Intel processor.

The problem is there are no such processors (at least not yet). The i5 they used is the 17W variety. That is as low as any Intel ULV processors get currently (not counting Core 2 Solos from 2008, which don't have GPUs, or Atoms which categorically suck).

A handful of 13W models were just released last month - too late for Surface Pro. There is a 10W Pentium too - but it has 1st generation GPU which is absolutely awful and would cripple such a machine.

This all could've been avoided if Microsoft had aborted the Surface RT and Surface Pro and released just a "Surface" with midrange Intel processor, modest specs, exceptional battery life, and respectable performance.

I think they should have waited for Haswell and worked to figure out how to put a bigger battery in it, but it would have set the product back almost a year... That only addresses the battery life issue though. I don't know how to fix the kickstand-on-your-lap problem. Maybe someone could design an aftermarket "shell" with a hinge to hold the screen at a comfortable viewing angle, but the problem is you need to counterweight the screen - that means the base of the thing would need to weigh at least 2lbs.

I _really_ want to like it. I can live with the battery life and the price as is. But the kickstand thing has put me seriously on the fence - if it is uncomfortable to use in laptop scenarios Im afraid Im going to hate the thing...

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