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KDE The KDE Community has announced the release of version 4.10 of Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform. The 4.10 release contains incremental improvements to a large number of applications, and offers several new technologies. Several components of Plasma Workspaces have been ported to the Qt Quick/QML framework, and stability and usability have been improved. There's also an imnproved print manager and Color Management support. KDE Applications gained feature enhancements to Kate, KMail and Konsole. This release also makes it easier to contribute to KDE with a Plasma SDK, the ability to write Plasma widgets and widget collections in QML, changes in the libKDEGames library, and new scripting capabilities in KWin. Time to update my laptop!
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Looks nice!
by acobar on Wed 6th Feb 2013 21:49 UTC
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Looking forward for openSUSE 12.3 to try it before I migrate from KDE 4.8.5 which is a very nice release.

Reading the KDE mailing list and bugtrack it seems that all bugs I care most and cornered cases were ironed out.

An old wish, however, did not make it on this release, a request to make nepomuk fine grained, in the sense that you could pick exactly what you would like to be indexed and also to display a start-do-close execution profile instead of the obligatory server/daemon. I will keep dreaming, though.

Congratulations to all KDE developers for what looks to be a wonderful release.

See you very soon! (openSUSE team, it is up to you now) ;-)

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