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Microsoft "Microsoft has been absolutely pummeled in the press and in reader comments this week by pundits and customers alike. They feel cheated by the amount of free storage space available to them on the new line of Surface Pro devices. But is that criticism fair or even valid?" Spoiler alert: turns out, it isn't. Both devices have about the same free space available, and by creating a USB restore drive for Windows on the Surface, you can actually get a little more on the Surface Pro. Interestingly enough, Microsoft confirmed on Reddit that their original numbers - which caused the ruckus - were wrong, because they were based on pre-production hardware, with debug code and other additional stuff on it. Oh Microsoft.
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Po0r Windows⢠world...
by eMPee584 on Fri 8th Feb 2013 11:24 UTC
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In the mellow land of free software, 20GibiBytes of disk space will give you a much more versatile stack of software, all at NIL cost. That would include (here on my debian box) f.e.
- 2 office suites (libreoffice, gnume office apps, personal finances, small business management, ...)
- graphics software (pixel, vector, 3D, CAD)
- local no-hassle dictionaries (various language freedicts, encyclopedia)
- multimedia/studio soft (synthesizer, tracker, sound editors, video editing, optical disc backup-ripping, format conversion, ..)
- server stack (web server, mail server, tor hub, ....)
- development toolchains for a dozen languages (compilers, debuggers, IDEs, revision control, hex editors, cross-arch stuff, virtualizing, ....)
- loads of games (logic+card games, arcade, platform, 3D ego shooter, racing....)
- edutainment (kids stuff, math soft, geography, desktop globe, ...)
- windows virtualizing and emulation solutions
- BSOD (bluescreen of death) and a zillion other fantastic screensavers
... and loads of other stuff.. on a stable system architecture that
- does not AGE (no registry cruft, proper package management)
- can easily be kept up-to-date and secure
- can not only be backuped, but migrated to other hardware or converted into a live USB system with little effort
- has decent support for (multi)touch devices
.--... oh yeah, it's free, too.. and it doesn't tell you what NOT to do (you can rename a file that is being played! how awesome is that), and the source code to change or fix the software in any way you want to.. and contribute it back!
Since I left the windows world nearly ten years ago, my computing experience has greatly improved, for which I am thankful, and contributing back.. screw the world of shareware, commercial demos, proprietary vendor-lock-in-software + incompatible file formats, zombie trojans, spyware and registry corruption....

And none of my linux installations killed its own boot sector. Ever. L0l.. All our bash are belong to us, for we can has ro0t ×)

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