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Legal "This means that people can no longer get convicted for violating the copyright monopoly alone. The court just declared it illegal for any court in Europe to convict somebody for breaking the copyright monopoly law when sharing culture, only on the merits of breaking the law. A court that tries somebody for violating the copyright monopoly must now also show that a conviction is necessary to defend democracy itself in order to convict. This is a considerably higher bar to meet." Well, that's progress, I guess.
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RE: The wrong way
by cdude on Fri 8th Feb 2013 17:25 UTC in reply to "The wrong way"
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I know how much everyone wants to believe they're entitled to get something without paying
If I like the content, the price is fair, and there's no drm, I'll pay for it. If not, guess what?

Everybody (first sentence) except you (second sentence). Do you see how your whole argumentation just collapsed?

If not here are the faults:
1) nobody likes to pay so its needed to enforce (and yet except you)
2) DRM is the alternate. Yet what you not know (maybe cause you not do fileshare) is that
a) DRM not works cause things are available also then and
b) DRM is contra-productive cause only buyers have it while fileshares have same content without DRM. Content accessible via filesharing having no restrictions, bought content has. One more reason to fileshare rather then buy.
3) everybody uses filesharing rather then paying as in either fileshare or buy and everybody who fileshares would buy otherwise. Both already multiple times proven wrong.

The problem is, those who think file sharing sends a message to these media conglomerates are absolutely correct, but it's not the message they intend.

You make exact the same mistake the big media does. You assume filesharers do that cause they are your enemies, have an agenda to kill you. Then you conclude you need to fight them. That is not working. You, media, is losing that fight since 15 long years!

You need to understand them as lazy potential customers. You not compete with free but with good services. Filesharing is a click, works fast and you can enjoy without any restrictions within minutes. Compare that with what the media offers.

Just look at itunes, spotify, its working IF the service is good. Stop wasting your energy making your services more and more bad (eg with DRM and huge money wasted on war rather then products and services) and get great services done that offer a similar easy to use and easy to enjoy result. Then customers come en mass. It works already, learn before its to late. You and media already wasted 15 years and what did you achieve? Customers hate you like hell!

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