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Legal "This means that people can no longer get convicted for violating the copyright monopoly alone. The court just declared it illegal for any court in Europe to convict somebody for breaking the copyright monopoly law when sharing culture, only on the merits of breaking the law. A court that tries somebody for violating the copyright monopoly must now also show that a conviction is necessary to defend democracy itself in order to convict. This is a considerably higher bar to meet." Well, that's progress, I guess.
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RE[3]: The wrong way
by cdude on Sat 9th Feb 2013 03:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The wrong way"
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I just think they should realize that, inadvertently, they're fighting themselves and the content creators.

Customers not fight, they chose.

For years media settled on CD/DVD and classic distribution-channels. Then internet happened and with it a new diatribution-channel. That distribution-channel gained in all areas. Books? Amazon! Shopping? eBay! and so on.

But no music, no media. Media decided to igoring customers demand to use that new distribution-channel. Napstar was an enemy rather then turning it into an opportunity. Years long every attempt to make that channels available was fight. A lost fight since customers used it anyways but then without Media. That was and is foremost a decision done by media. Customers have choice and they chose.

Very very late only when a big US company like Apple came in they opened to a certain degree a little bit. And? itunes hits like a bomb. Spotify hits like a bomb. What does that tell you? What does that proof us? Customers WOULD pay if the f*cking media-mafia stops that stupid boykott and starts to offer there services.

Notice that I say content creators, not big media.

What is wrong, Creators have nothing , null, zero to say or decide else that problem would not exist. Creators are not losing with the new distribution-channels, they are winnig. That, the middle man, the media-mafia is losing huge. Control, money. That's why they fight so hard and take content creators with them down.

Downloading takes a lot more effort than finding a copy to buy. You have to search through various torrent pages and file lockers until you find what it is you want, then

You never tried. Its like a google-search where you add eg artist, title and press search and then get as result a well sorted list. Click a search-result, download starts and 1-2 minutes later you have it.

It is even easier then that, You can also stream the music or video direct into your favorite player, watch/listen while download happens in background optionally. No DRM, any language, any platform, any time.

You should really try. Its such a great feeling of uncomplicated service that you may never use your bought DRM-dongle again. Do it like me: buy that DRM-dongle, throw it in a corner and download the same content from some filesharing place. Fair, uncomplicated, legal. Just sucks I still have to walk into a shop or wait long time for deliver and have a whole corner full of trash I need to keep for the case media-mafia hunts me down illegal and wastes some more $ of its customers (content creators, customer-group number 2 screwed by media).

Spotify are awesome if you happen to live in a region where they offer a large collection (I'm in the US and they're just barely starting to take off here)

I am not in the US and here they suck but it is the best offer available. See what I mean?

iTunes, however, is somewhat more of a problem. You see, the only things that are drm-free on iTunes are music and some ebooks.

Yes, they suck even more and make even more cash cause there is NO alternate! This stupid media-industry fights for years against services in that now not-so-new-any-longer distribution-channel. Today, internet age and they still fight internet! I not wonder people give a sh*t and go piratebay. Ignore customers and they ignore you. Fight customers and they ignore you more and then you lose.

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