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Windows And there we are - the Surface Pro reviews are in. Reading through them all, there's clearly a common theme, and it's not particularly positive. We're a few months in now, so I think we can finally call it: Windows 8 and Surface are the wrong way to go.
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Too bad you ignore the over all conclusions on the final page ...

What are you talking about? The things he posted where from the conclusion on the final page and the rest of the conclusion wasn't particulary positive either. For example, they actually write "The design fundamentally doesn't work".

... - but hey, it is cool to slam a product from Microsoft these days ignoring the horrific clusterf--k that Android is ...

What android clusterf--k?

... and the fact that Samsung and HTC customers are routinely screwed over when it comes to updates and upgrades.

You mean like Microsoft and windows phone 7? Expensive flagship phones with WP released in 2012 didn't even get the new version on WP released just a few months later. That's worse than any flagship android phone I can think of.

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