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Apple "Over the last half a week, Apple has been hit with the largest mass-hacking incident in its history. And the perpetrators were the company's own users. Nearly seven million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have cracked Apple's restrictions on their devices using the jailbreaking tool Evasi0n since the tool was released Monday morning, according to the latest count from Jay Freeman, the administrator of the app store for jailbroken devices known as Cydia. That makes the iOS-hacking app the fastest-adopted jailbreak software of all time, Freeman says." Because, of course, only nerds and geeks jailbreak. There's also a technical analysis of the jailbreak.
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Why I won't jailbreak again
by darknexus on Sun 10th Feb 2013 14:59 UTC
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I jailbroke my previous iPhone running on iOS 5.1.1. I have to admit to being disappointed. It's not that the system was difficult to maintain and keep stable (no more difficult than maintaining Debian really) but that there just weren't a lot of apps I was interested in. I'd hoped to find some amazing media players that could play anything I'd throw at them better than the ones in the App Store. I'd hoped to find a terminal that would let me have a CLI without having to do a loopback ssh connection. I wanted to enable full multitasking. What did I find? I've found vlc which, at the time, could only play files transferred to the device (no playing from smb or other remote shares). I found mobile terminal, which didn't even work. Then there was backgrounder which has been abandoned and now causes serious system instabilities (so much for bypassing iOS's multitasking restrictions). I found loads of themes and springboard tweaks which, if used in the wrong combination, not only make your springboard unstable but make your iPhone reboot more often than a pc running Windows ME on bad ram. I found other repositories, many of which are filled with cracked software that's been altered in who knows what way and if you're dumb enough to install it you deserve whatever's coming.
Did I find a few things I liked? Absolutely. Browser changer (Atomic being the default browser in my case) and kill background to add a configurable kill all button to the app switcher. There was also iTransmission, when I needed to download an iso remotely and didn't have my laptop. But, when I ultimately did decide to update to iOS6 I couldn't just run an OTA or iTunes update. No, I had to do a restore from backup which took forever and, on top of that, didn't save half of the settings I would have liked. Not finding much of what I wanted, and the update pain, mean that I probably won't be jailbreaking again any time in the near future. I don't care about crazy wallpapers or themes, springboard tweaks are recipes for instabilities, and there just aren't enough up-to-date apps to make the pain worth the very small gain.

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