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Windows "The 16-bit Windows kernel was actually three kernels. One if you were using an 8086 processor, another if you were using an 80286 processor, and a third if you were using an 80386 processor. The 8086 kernel was a completely separate beast, but the 80286 and 80386 kernels shared a lot of code in common." As always, Raymond Chen delivers. If you don't yet follow his blog, you should. Right now. Click that bookmark or RSS button.
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It's possible to switch from long mode, it isn't even hard (just setup the new environment with interrupts disabled and then clear the long mode bit).

In comparison the only way to return to real mode in the 80286 was to setup some data in the realtime clock module and then do a hardware reset. When the processor have initialized it jumps to the reset vector in the BIOS and pretty early the BIOS code checks the RTC memory and if enabled it jumps to a specified code location.

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