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Microsoft "Microsoft has been absolutely pummeled in the press and in reader comments this week by pundits and customers alike. They feel cheated by the amount of free storage space available to them on the new line of Surface Pro devices. But is that criticism fair or even valid?" Spoiler alert: turns out, it isn't. Both devices have about the same free space available, and by creating a USB restore drive for Windows on the Surface, you can actually get a little more on the Surface Pro. Interestingly enough, Microsoft confirmed on Reddit that their original numbers - which caused the ruckus - were wrong, because they were based on pre-production hardware, with debug code and other additional stuff on it. Oh Microsoft.
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RE[7]: Po0r Windows
by Morgan on Mon 11th Feb 2013 11:34 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Po0r Windows"
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Thanks for the free psychoanalysis! I didn't realize I was getting free health care here. Now that that's out of the way, let's take a look at how disjointed you really are.

Review what you told, admitely without knowing,

Already done, and this time you acknowledge that I had not seen the articles about Windows causing issues, instead of blindly assuming that I knew about it and was being deceptive. Thanks!

what I answered you,

Here we go: The first punch. You were the first to get angry, being snarky and making assumptions instead of approaching from a proper standpoint. Something like "did you know this?" instead of "as if you didn't know this!". It seems like a small difference but it's all about the attitude. And frankly, yours stinks.

and what you finally wrote.

And so I responded in kind, as I am wont to do. Let that sink in for a minute: You wouldn't have gotten a negative reaction from me if you hadn't tried to. I've been here a very long time, I have a consistent history as a commenter, and the few times you see me being that negative it's always to put a troll in her place.

You're angry with some people

No, just annoyed when trolled.

you think that reading news is going to relax you

Just part of my daily routine, that has the occasional speed bump like you in it. I just drive over you and move on.

but insulting other people won't solve the problem.

Once again, just responding in kind. You call me a liar, it opens the doors to me calling you how I see you. If you don't like it, grow up a few years and come back to the Internet when you're mature enough to handle it.

You'd better get professional help.

Once more, I do appreciate the health advice, but I know you're really just trying to insult me. It's kind of pathetic though; using mental illness in an internet fight is one of the lowest forms of insult and in the end you just look like a prick who thinks that anyone who acts differently from you is mentally ill. Not only is that grossly narcissistic, it's an insult to those who really are seeking help. Don't be a dick to others just because you're mad at one person, that's a bully's way and you are definitely a bully.

You won't achieve a response from me, I don't answer people that talk like you are doing.

I'm sure you won't, you accomplished your goal of singling out one person and trolling the hell out of them. I honestly don't know why I still follow through with these; maybe I'm just not right in the head.

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