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Hardware, Embedded Systems " bricked a Samsung laptop today. Unlike most of the reported cases of Samsung laptops refusing to boot, I never booted Linux on it - all experimentation was performed under Windows. It seems that the bug we've been seeing is simultaneously simpler in some ways and more complicated in others than we'd previously realised." On a related note, the Linux Foundation's UEFI secure boot system has been released.
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RE[4]: Moral of the story:
by ssokolow on Mon 11th Feb 2013 12:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Moral of the story:"
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I find that interesting; we have two Lenovo machines in the household and they are both top-notch. Her laptop is a bargain line IdeaPad and it puts Toshibas and HPs that cost twice as much to shame. My ThinkCentre tower is the best computing investment I've ever made, well worth what I paid and more.

Maybe we just got lucky, but I really like Lenovo. That said, I've always found Asus to be quality gear too.

I remember hearing that Lenovo has started to remove keys I favor for custom keybindings (Stuff in the Print Screen/Scroll Lock/Pause cluster) so I'm really torn since I also despise touchpads and, last I used one, ThinkPads were the best way to get a microjoystick mouse.

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