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Google "No, there's only one area where Android falls really, horribly, undeniably short when it comes to the tablet form factor: The web browser. It's the most fundamental tablet app, IMHO, and yet the web experience on Android could not possibly be worse." This, right here, is it. On my Nexus 7 - there's not a single decent web browser. Not one. The stock browser? Crashes a lot. Chrome? Slow, touch-unfriendly UI, laggy, and locks up all the time. Everything else uses non-standard UIs are, are plain buggy, are also slow, or any combination of the three - and yes, this includes your favourite browser. I've been through them all. Just yesterday I loaded up my iPhone 3GS, and Safari was like a dream. Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8? Buttery smooth and excellent UI. How Google - a web company - can let this situation persist is beyond me.
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Another article by the dude:

Well, the other day I was in Best Buy and I wandered by the computer section to check out the laptops and tablets. The new "ultrabooks" are all pretty sweet, and I love the Apple-inspired chicklet style keys on the keyboard.

Sounds like a clear case of RDF. But wait, it gets better:

But the first thing I do when I look at a laptop is to look at the modifier keys. And I noticed something... Every single Windows 8 Certified computer has that fucking Fn key jammed in the bottom left. ALL of them. From Samsung, Acer, Asus, Sony, HP, etc. Every single computer with the new Windows logo (even desktops!) has the Fn key in the same spot.

The idiots at Microsoft must have standardized the position of the Fn key in the bottom left! Those unbelievable morons!! Rather than fix this flaw found in some keyboards, Microsoft has gone ahead and made sure that *every* keyboard will have it instead. Absolutely astounding.

Well, people have different priorities. I want AdBlock and Click-to-play Flash. This guys obviously wants everything to look exactly as on his macbook/iphone/ipad/iwatch/appletv.

Much of the stuff he points out as things making android browser "horrible" and "unusable" are things I can't even see. And a lot are problems originates from websites and web servers not the browser. Maybe he should write a long article complaining about apple-only web developers testing only on their iDevices instead?

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