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Mozilla & Gecko clones "'But how is it going to beat Android or iOS?' That's the reaction many people have when I tell them that I am working on Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system from Mozilla. It is a logical reaction. After all, we live in times where every major software company and its mother is releasing a mobile platform, struggling to lure developers into their new proprietary environment, APIs, libraries, etc. And indeed, many of these companies barely make it or don’t make it at all. But Firefox OS will not be directly battling against other mobile platforms. Its main objective is to change the way the world develops mobile apps, and even in the unlikely event that Firefox OS itself disappears in the process, if web-apps become mainstream, it will have succeeded."
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Because most of us old timers have had enough of writing a ton of CSS/JavaScript/HTML hacks to make sites work as requested across all required target browsers.

Write once, hack everywhere is usually my motto in web projects.

HA! Yeah, people keep touting how HTML5 is going to take over the world, and we see how well that worked for Facebook, they wrote a mobile app in HTML5 that sucked so much ass, they switched to native apps on iOS and Android. I'm not a web developer, but even some of the most BASIC web pages I've written for myself to run on phones look completely different on Android, depending on which web browser I'm using (stock, Firefox, Chrome, etc).

I think Firefox OS has identified a real problem - having to code native apps for different platforms is a pain. But I don't think HTML5 is the right solution. Not to say that there's a better one right now that I know of, but we should be in pursuit of something better, instead of just going with something that's half-assed, and hope it won't suck so much in 5-10 years.

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