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General Development "I feel like writing about the Go programming language (or 'Golang') today, so instead today's topic is computer stuff. For the record, the language I've programmed the most in has been Python, so that’s the perspective I'm analyzing it from." Some good and bad things about Go.
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RE[2]: My thoughts on Go
by Nelson on Tue 12th Feb 2013 18:12 UTC in reply to "RE: My thoughts on Go"
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The language doesn't inherently afford you a lot of the expressiveness of other OO languages in their object model. You can't for example, at a glance, tell which interfaces a given "object" (as loose as the term is used in Go) implements.

That's where I think an IDE and the language can split the difference and make up for that. There are other small instances too like the fact that IDEs can help remove the stigma surrounding some of the more exotic syntax choices. That's valuable too.

it is my belief that a programming language is nothing without the tooling, a complete stack from beginning to end.

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