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Windows "Imagine a phone that could run real Remote Desktop. Real PowerShell. Anything that can run on your desktop PC. Imagine 'phablet' form factors, similar to today's Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which could dock to a desktop setup and utilize an external display, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. Imagine a single set of APIs that work everywhere. Imagine that Phone isn't a whole separate platform, but an app. An app that runs on Windows. Real Windows. The Windows Phone team could never make that happen. But the Windows client team? You betcha. Make it happen, Microsoft. It's time to take the phone seriously." I have never agreed with Thurrot as much as I do right now.
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RE[2]: This guy is off his rocker
by WorknMan on Tue 12th Feb 2013 21:11 UTC in reply to "RE: This guy is off his rocker"
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While the goal of sharing a platform between the two is ideal. Running the SAME uncompiled apps is not, in my opinion.

Why? Just like properly written Android apps have different UIs depending on if you're running them on tablet or phone, there's no reason why this concept couldn't be extended to desktop as well.

And I agree with you wholeheartedly on Windows 7. Having gone from XP to 7, it's quite underwhelming, when you consider about 9 years went by between the two.

I mostly agree with you about Win8 as well. If you leave Metro out of the equation, it's actually a better desktop OS than Win7; easily worth the $40 upgrade price I paid, IMO. But Metro in Win8 is a big ass burger with a side order of fries. I'm guessing it works better on a tablet, but the integration with 'classic' desktop Win32 (or lack thereof) seems very scatterbrained and poorly thought out. They probably should've held it back until Windows 9.

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