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Google "No, there's only one area where Android falls really, horribly, undeniably short when it comes to the tablet form factor: The web browser. It's the most fundamental tablet app, IMHO, and yet the web experience on Android could not possibly be worse." This, right here, is it. On my Nexus 7 - there's not a single decent web browser. Not one. The stock browser? Crashes a lot. Chrome? Slow, touch-unfriendly UI, laggy, and locks up all the time. Everything else uses non-standard UIs are, are plain buggy, are also slow, or any combination of the three - and yes, this includes your favourite browser. I've been through them all. Just yesterday I loaded up my iPhone 3GS, and Safari was like a dream. Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8? Buttery smooth and excellent UI. How Google - a web company - can let this situation persist is beyond me.
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RE[4]: No love for Firefox?
by dnebdal on Wed 13th Feb 2013 18:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No love for Firefox?"
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Well, I decided the Firefox Beta ain't useable, it screws up font rendering all the way to hell. The following screenshot should be self-explanatory:

It's a known issue - .

The workaround is to set the font size to the smallest possible, which makes it consistent, and then zooming in. I'd suggest also enabling Pinch to reflow text, so it wraps to fit - but be aware that this makes it a bit confusing to navigate on pages, since zooming will leave you in a different place than you started. (I do hope they get around to centering the view on the location you zoomed into/out from eventually. It works if you don't reflow the page on zoom.)

In Aurora (FF nightly) on a galaxy S2, it looks like this for me:

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