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General Development GNU Classpath now features more efficient painting for large Free Swing GUIs. Improved accessibility support. HttpURLConnection rewrite. Official CORBA VMCID assigned. Start of RMI over IIOP support. Qt4 support for OS-X. Much improved Free Swing Metal theme. Free Swing Demo includes theme switcher example (Metal, Ocean, GNU). JBoss now starts up and Jonas testsuite passes for 95%. Support for the javax.sound.midi framework and experimental DSSI and ALSA service providers. Early version of the popular StAX API. Now has 96% coverage of 1.4 API.
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RE[2]: How long
by tonym on Thu 3rd Nov 2005 19:59 UTC in reply to "RE: How long"
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As far as I know the tests that are referred to here are for API coverage, not completeness, accuracy or speed.

Basically, 100% = we have at least some implementation of all of the APIs that java 1.4 does.

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