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Hardware, Embedded Systems " bricked a Samsung laptop today. Unlike most of the reported cases of Samsung laptops refusing to boot, I never booted Linux on it - all experimentation was performed under Windows. It seems that the bug we've been seeing is simultaneously simpler in some ways and more complicated in others than we'd previously realised." On a related note, the Linux Foundation's UEFI secure boot system has been released.
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RE[2]: Moral of the story:
by bassbeast on Wed 13th Feb 2013 21:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Moral of the story:"
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I was lucky enough to score one of the AMD EEE E350 netbooks before the flood, going on 3+ years now and it still holds more than 80% of the charge and runs like new. I have also bought several asus laptops and boards for customers and had no complaints, they all run well and are very long lasting.

Now that Asus is gonna buy up Asrock which is another great company for motherboards i have NO problem recommending Asus, I've had just about every kind of gear that they make come through the shop and they've been one of the most trouble free brands I've ever dealt with. They also kept updating my netbook for nearly a year after purchase with regards to drivers and you never see that in consumer gear so that was a nice touch.

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