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Hardware, Embedded Systems " bricked a Samsung laptop today. Unlike most of the reported cases of Samsung laptops refusing to boot, I never booted Linux on it - all experimentation was performed under Windows. It seems that the bug we've been seeing is simultaneously simpler in some ways and more complicated in others than we'd previously realised." On a related note, the Linux Foundation's UEFI secure boot system has been released.
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RE[4]: Moral of the story:
by bassbeast on Wed 13th Feb 2013 21:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Moral of the story:"
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While i'm not him I can tell you what I've seen from Thinkpads coming through the shop which is thus: With IBM there really wasn't much price difference, like Apple it was all pretty much pay through the nose so you expect a certain level of quality when you pay top dollar.

With Lenovo they have all different price points so naturally if you spend say $400 on a Thinkpad its gonna be more plastic and thinner than say an $800 Thinkpad. all in all though I have to say even the plastic models worked well, just don't think you are gonna get a $1400 IBM Thinkpad for $400 and you'll be fine.

so it all depends on what amount you are gonna spend. if it were me and i had a budget of say $450-$550 I would probably look at Asus first as I've had really good luck with asus units at that price point whereas if you are spending $650-$900 you can get a scarily nice Thinkpad for that that will be every bit as good as the Thinkpads of old, just depends on what your price point is really.

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