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Opera Software De kogel is door de kerk: as we already talked about earlier, Opera is going to switch to the WebKit engine, leaving its own Presto rendering engine behind. We didn't yet know if they would the switch only on mobile or on the desktop as well, and they cleared that up too: both mobile and desktop Opera Browsers will switch to the WebKit rendering engine.
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RE[2]: Comment by ssokolow
by Adurbe on Wed 13th Feb 2013 22:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by ssokolow"
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I am currently testing a UK Very large client's customer-facing website.

Their usage stats looks something like below;

IE8 ~15% of all traffic to the site
IE9 ~20%
Firefox ~20%
Chrome ~30%

The rest is made up of other browsers or variations inc Opera and IE10. We simply can't justify the resource as a business to test theses browsers at this time.

I WISH I could stop testing IE8 (as does tend to throw up a number of issues on more advanced features) but the commercial reality is you cant ignore them.

I hope you actually look at the business requirements of your customers before deciding the the irrelevancy of a rendering engine

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