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Linux "Several changes, some bugfixes and a major testing effort bring me to release a new version of the SCHED_DEADLINE patchset (v7). In addition, given the fact that the project has been around for quite some time with always a positive feedback from the community and since we have reached a stable and tested set of functionalities, I think it is time to remove the RFC tag."
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RE: how is this used?
by foobaz on Thu 14th Feb 2013 04:10 UTC in reply to "how is this used?"
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It is a better scheduler for server loads than Linux's default, the Completely Fair Scheduler. Deadline allows more parallelism, so more cores can be doing IO without having to wait for each other. It works especially well with XFS, which is also designed for highly parallel loads.

It has other benefits too but this is why I use it.

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