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Windows "Imagine a phone that could run real Remote Desktop. Real PowerShell. Anything that can run on your desktop PC. Imagine 'phablet' form factors, similar to today's Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which could dock to a desktop setup and utilize an external display, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. Imagine a single set of APIs that work everywhere. Imagine that Phone isn't a whole separate platform, but an app. An app that runs on Windows. Real Windows. The Windows Phone team could never make that happen. But the Windows client team? You betcha. Make it happen, Microsoft. It's time to take the phone seriously." I have never agreed with Thurrot as much as I do right now.
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Regarding the non-repairability of tablets:

You have warranty. When that expires and the tablet breaks down it will probably be already obsolete or on the verge of becoming so. Should it be possible to have it repaired the costs tend to be too high compared to buying a new tablet.

Yes, it sucks when a device that used to work fine has to be thrown away instead of having it fixed, but it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money on it getting it fixed when for a few dollars more you have a brand new device that is better in every way.

This applies to tablets and phones. Laptops and certainly desktops are easier to repair and the costs are more likely to be more worth it than buying a new one. A desktop you can often repair yourself.

I guess it's something you have to take in to account when buying a tablet or phone. Be prepared that the device will only work for the warranty period and after it probably has to be trashed once it breaks down.

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