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General Development "I feel like writing about the Go programming language (or 'Golang') today, so instead today's topic is computer stuff. For the record, the language I've programmed the most in has been Python, so that’s the perspective I'm analyzing it from." Some good and bad things about Go.
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RE[16]: My thoughts on Go
by lucas_maximus on Thu 14th Feb 2013 20:47 UTC in reply to "RE[15]: My thoughts on Go"
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You keep on missing the point.

There is a keyword in Java that say

public MyClass implents IMyInterface.

That keyword is unambiguous. I can read the line and say to myself ... If MyClass does implement the interface correctly it won't compile.

It called readability and you keep on ignoring the fact that I keep on saying the say thing and you address it with some bullshit work around. Which I don't think is acceptable.

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