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Opera Software De kogel is door de kerk: as we already talked about earlier, Opera is going to switch to the WebKit engine, leaving its own Presto rendering engine behind. We didn't yet know if they would the switch only on mobile or on the desktop as well, and they cleared that up too: both mobile and desktop Opera Browsers will switch to the WebKit rendering engine.
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RE[8]: Comment by ssokolow
by cdude on Fri 15th Feb 2013 00:24 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by ssokolow"
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Let's face it, WebGL is a proprietary API

Lets face it, WebGL is supported by all browsers except IE :-)

It is beyond me how some people can be as egotistic to claim that Microsoft should implement a standard to their web browser

Yes, we got the memo. Microsoft isn't implementing common standards but are defining there incompatible uncommon own ones. Interoperability is bad for vendor-lockin. We know.

FACT is that Microsoft has NEVER pushed Silverlight INTO the browser. Its always been a plugin. Microsoft is NOT forcing or lobbying to have Silverlight become a standard of the web.

Yes, otherwise Silverlight would need to become interoperable between browsers and platforms and that goes against the plan. We know. We know.

Nelson, we again agree on something!

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