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Games "Valve today announced the release of its Steam for Linux client. In celebration of the release, over 50 Linux titles are now 50-75% off until Thursday, February 21st at 10 AM PST. The Steam client is now available to download for free from the Ubuntu Software Center. Ubuntu is the most popular distribution of Linux used by millions of people globally and known for its well-designed, easy-to-use customer experience." The beginning of the Steambox. We're on the cusp of a sea change in the gaming world.
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And yet they so often fail completely (DNF, Aliens: Colonial Marines etc).
Can't help but wonder what they're paying all those millions for. Obviously not for talent and skill.

The developers and designers may actually be perfectly-well skilled and talented, but if the head(s) of the department(s) constantly hop in to "guide" the people, to restrict what they're allowed to do or how and so on the end result is often like this. And the one reason these heads often do this is because they've got an expensive license on their hands that they need to turn into cash and they believe they know more about gaming and development than they really do. You know the saying about the blind leading the deaf and so on? (Okay, in this case it'd be a 200-pound blind and deaf gorilla leading a mouse that's tied to its ankle with a chain and any wrong step..)

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