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Google "Sebastian Holst makes yoga mobile apps with his wife, a yoga instructor. The Mobile Yogi is sold in all the major mobile app stores. But when someone buys his app in the Google Play store, Holst automatically gets something he says he didn't ask for: the buyer's full name, location and email address. He says consumers are not aware that Google Inc. is sharing their personal information with third parties. No other app store transmits users' personal information to third-party developers when they buy apps, he said." Oh Google.
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As the article says: "they are my customers, not Google’s and not Apple’s customers. They download our products."

Google is the only one who is doing it correctly.

That being the case, kindly do not use the Playstore and require people to buy your app directly from you. If they're your customers, then you should assume all responsibilities for your product. Then the customers are aware what information they give you, and you get the information you want. To me, the Playstore is a retailer. Your products are being sold there, but that doesn't give you the right to have my personal information unless I expressly give it to you just as, for example, Apple has no right to my personal information if I purchase one of their products from Best Buy unless I expressly give it to them. Google should not be exempt from decency.

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