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BSD and Darwin derivatives BSD (Berkely System Distribution) was a research operating system based on the original AT&T Unix, developed by the University of Berkeley, California. It has been Open Source right from the beginning, and after the university lost interest in developing it further, several community projects started up (the very first ones were NetBSD and FreeBSD in the early nineties) to continue developing BSD. Anyway, Linux was born roughly at the same time, but a pending lawsuit about copyright infringements prevented the BSD projects to become as successful as Linux (though you could argue about the exact reasons).
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by J-freebsd_98 on Fri 15th Feb 2013 21:08 UTC
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Persons posting that FreeBSD will someday be ready for the desktop may be advised that it is fully capable now. I can use browsers, email, webmail, view .PPS and .flv and .webm; run pipe commands; upgrade the system fully; backup often; etc etc etc... the only caveat I know of is a... one may want multiple CPU (a main desktop; a build machine and/or server) and one should keep current with pending changes (pkgng default for V10; SUJ new in V9 etc etc). The forum is really helpful in that regard if one reads it daily.
In regards to 'how to install software', I can recommend
"portmaster -d -B -P -i -g www/seamonkey audio/mp3blaster audio/lame " for example. (Batch mode, more or less). Ninety percent of the time, I can run that in one xterm while browsing and email etc normally in another xterm... efficienc(ies) I've not seen in other operating systems.

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