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Games "We're told by someone with access to the NPD's data that sales for January were 'well under' 100,000 units. By our estimates, sales were somewhere between 45,000 and 59,000 units for the month, which is lower than any of the three previous-generation home consoles sold in their worst months, with the possible exception of a recent performance by the original Wii." This doesn't surprise me. I've always wondered: who's the Wii U for? Casual Wii buyers - which comprise most of the Wii owners, I'd guess - have little reason to upgrade, and hardcore Nintendo fans are waiting for the next re-releases of Mario and Zelda from the Nintendo Game-o-tron. Until then, who's going to buy this thing?
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A $300 console + $60 video games is simply asking too much for many Americans these days when gas prices are up, taxes are up, health care cost are up, and job opportunities are low.

Also video games are overpriced. The retail price of video games should be $40 not $60, and handheld games should be $25 not $40.

I don't see how Sony and Microsoft are going to try and sell $600+ PS4/Xbox 720's with $80+ games in this market.

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