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BSD and Darwin derivatives BSD (Berkely System Distribution) was a research operating system based on the original AT&T Unix, developed by the University of Berkeley, California. It has been Open Source right from the beginning, and after the university lost interest in developing it further, several community projects started up (the very first ones were NetBSD and FreeBSD in the early nineties) to continue developing BSD. Anyway, Linux was born roughly at the same time, but a pending lawsuit about copyright infringements prevented the BSD projects to become as successful as Linux (though you could argue about the exact reasons).
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RE[4]: Keep getting better
by J-freebsd_98 on Mon 18th Feb 2013 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Keep getting better"
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How current is your project in relation to FreeBSD (using them as a touchstone)? I noticed you started the project from FreeBSD 6.x. Are your packages now current with FBSD 9.0, or what? The project looks interesting and I'd like to try it. Will it run in VBox? I've tried past versions of FBSD and I could not get them to boot in VBox...

There is also I installed it once, but the next time, it failed to install. (xfce beta 3 version.) Not a problem here, it was for disk formatting anyway, as I run Freebsd natively.
To more respond to this post, you may wish to try any of the several ways of dual-booting [carefully, following a guide, etc...] That was how I first ran FreeBSD for a year or so. If it had any major problem at any time, I'd just boot into Windows98 and check on how to fix it, configure it, etc.
If you really want to use virtualbox, there is a forum which has probably many posts on the subject. I've read many posts, announcements, but only
speedily as I never expect to have time for virtualization as far as I can ascertain. [I run more than one FreeBSD machine, and it takes all my computing time per se to keep current of the OS developments, aside from normal email, browsing, etc. ]

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