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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After desktops and phones, Ubuntu is now bringing its Linux distribution to tablets. Coming Thursday, preview images for Google's Nexus tablets will be released, so we can all get a good long look at what Canonical is cooking up. They've published a YouTube video which details all that Ubuntu has to offer for tablets, and to be honest, it's looking quite good.
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I don't trust Canonical
by twitterfire on Tue 19th Feb 2013 19:03 UTC
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I don't see a single line of code supporting their claims. I think they are on crack and highly delusional.

Their so called "operating system" is just a linux distro like many others. They used linux and thrown upstart and Unity on top. I don't see big software development coming from them. Many did better than them. Linux Mint made a nicer linux distro with a far smaller team and Debian added more improvements to Linux than Canonical. If it weren't for debian, there would be no Ubuntu.

I also can claim that I developed a super cool operating system in the secret and that it will run on phones and tablets and that the phone will transform in a desktop when coupling it with a tv.

Some guys already ported Ubuntu on phones and tablets. Just watch these two videos, some guys are running Ubuntu on sub 100$ chinese tablets:

If Canonical won't do much better than those guys, will just port regular desktop Ubuntu to mobile devices and won't come up with a proper tablet/phone OS, they will fail miserably.

And there's the lack of proper mobile apps. Regular desktop linux apps and games do suck on their own merit, but using them on a tablet or phone will suck even more.

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