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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After desktops and phones, Ubuntu is now bringing its Linux distribution to tablets. Coming Thursday, preview images for Google's Nexus tablets will be released, so we can all get a good long look at what Canonical is cooking up. They've published a YouTube video which details all that Ubuntu has to offer for tablets, and to be honest, it's looking quite good.
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RE[2]: Leery but hopeful
by Nelson on Tue 19th Feb 2013 19:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Leery but hopeful"
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They should aim to speak the same language, just different dialects.

QML, Qt, and everything that comes with that can be the bedrock of all emerging platforms (Sailfish, Ubuntu OS, BB10, Plasma Ative, etc) and every OS just differentiate an API on top of that.

You wouldn't get write once run anywhere but you'd get a very compelling cross platform developer story. I'd certainly buy into it.

If the various groups can coordinate this and pull it off I'll be impressed and Linux will be a lot better off for it.

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