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Linux Linux kernel 3.8 has been released. This release includes support in Ext4 for embedding very small files in the inode, which greatly improves the performance for these files and saves some disk space. There is also a new Btrfs feature that allows to replace quickly a disk, a new filesystem F2FS optimized for SSDs, support of filesystem mount, UTS, IPC, PID, and network namespaces for unprivileged users, accounting of kernel memory in the memory resource controller, journal checksums in XFS, an improved NUMA policy redesign and, of course, the removal of support for 386 processors. Many small features and new drivers and fixes are also available. Here's the full list of changes.
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RE[3]: EXT4?
by twitterfire on Tue 19th Feb 2013 22:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: EXT4?"
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I seem to keep hitting bugs with BTRFS all the time and I'm starting to wonder if I should just switch to something else.

Try the real deal, i.e. ZFS.

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