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Apple John Gruber illustrates the dangers of not having a clue about history: "The utter simplicity of the iOS home screen is Apple's innovation. It's the simplest, most obvious 'system' ever designed." Thanks for playing.
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For any user (e.g. me) who owned a Newton and *didn't* want to use the Notepad, the extras folder/app drawer was KEY to using the device, no matter what you claim to the contrary.

Palm proved that this was valid for just about EVERY user. Nobody bought a Newton. It was a flop, for a variety of reasons: it was slow as shit, and the UI and its paradigm were complicated and cumbersome. Hawkins and Palm figured out what users really wanted (like you, they wanted an application-centric design), and we've been using that ever since because it was the right way to go.

On a sidenote, it's absolutely fascinating how just about every design and implementation consideration for Palm OS was focussed on speed. Lots fo cool stuff about that in the article.

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