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Google "Sebastian Holst makes yoga mobile apps with his wife, a yoga instructor. The Mobile Yogi is sold in all the major mobile app stores. But when someone buys his app in the Google Play store, Holst automatically gets something he says he didn't ask for: the buyer's full name, location and email address. He says consumers are not aware that Google Inc. is sharing their personal information with third parties. No other app store transmits users' personal information to third-party developers when they buy apps, he said." Oh Google.
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How do you know if I have Google Wallet?

Because you make claims that any person that received a receipt from Google Wallet will not make the claims that you are making.

Google provides monthly payouts (when they can do so on time) with their agency % removed.

That is exactly how any payment service operates. That is exactly how your credit/debit card transactions get settled. Yet you don't call Visa or MasterCard if your TV is broken. And for the online transactions they do send all the personal information to the merchant.

The developer is not then obligated to pay back Google's share at all.

That is exactly how it operates. I get the full amount and then I get deducted the 30% as transaction fees(automatically, like ano other payment service). The result is deposited into the account.

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