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General Development "Since I left my job at Amazon I have spent a lot of time reading great source code. Having exhausted the insanely good idSoftware pool, the next thing to read was one of the greatest game of all time: Duke Nukem 3D and the engine powering it named 'Build'. It turned out to be a difficult experience: The engine delivered great value and ranked high in terms of speed, stability and memory consumption but my enthousiasm met a source code controversial in terms of organization, best practices and comments/documentation. This reading session taught me a lot about code legacy and what helps a software live long." Hail to the king, baby.
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RE[12]: Code Review
by zima on Wed 20th Feb 2013 14:58 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Code Review"
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Something analogous to the Downing effect, but for drivers, can be especially ~scary - it would suggest that the few % who say they are below average ...are actually more likely to be good drivers.

I remember them being sued over it, it's definitely a very sneaky thing for intel to do.

Alas, AMD dropped litigation of Intel in exchange for $1+ billion, without admitting any wrongdoing. Seems they'll largely get away with it.

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