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General Development "Since I left my job at Amazon I have spent a lot of time reading great source code. Having exhausted the insanely good idSoftware pool, the next thing to read was one of the greatest game of all time: Duke Nukem 3D and the engine powering it named 'Build'. It turned out to be a difficult experience: The engine delivered great value and ranked high in terms of speed, stability and memory consumption but my enthousiasm met a source code controversial in terms of organization, best practices and comments/documentation. This reading session taught me a lot about code legacy and what helps a software live long." Hail to the king, baby.
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RE[11]: Comment by ilovebeer
by Alfman on Wed 20th Feb 2013 18:34 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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I haven't lashed out or deceived, unless you consider my pointing out your insults to be lashing out.

It almost seems like the logic you've been using would be used by an offshore development company against a disappointed client: "What do you mean our code is crap? How can it be crap if it does what it is supposed to? Hmm? Maybe 'you' are too inexperienced to read it...if the shoe fits..." ;)

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