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Google This is amazing. Not only has Google just opened up the pre-order program for Google Glass to 'creative individuals', it has also unveiled what the user interface looks like and how it works. It's... Nothing short of amazing. I'm throwing money, credit cards, my car keys, my house keys, my Surface RT, my cats, everything at my screen. I want this so bad.
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Google does sell your content to advertisers

No, they sell information about trends, not your content.

though not personally identifiable in most cases

In most cases? They don't sell information about individual people, they sell marketing data in large batches of tens of thousands of people.

It's okay to not like that, but atleast get your facts straight.

it does scan through sensitive materials like e-mail. I don't think it'd be too much of a leap to suggest they could do it for other sources of information.

Aye, but how does that differ from everyone else, then? They all do that these days, and if Google Glass came from some other entity they'd do that just as well. Again, it's okay to not be okay with that, but let's not pretend that Google is somehow a more evil entity than the others here.

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