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Privacy, Security, Encryption When Mark Russinovich was testing his company's security software last week, he came across a disturbing find: a Sony BMG CD he purchased from Amazon had secretly installed DRM software on his PC and used "rootkit" cloaking methods to hide it. With the story sweeping across the Net, Sony is attempting to clean up its mess.
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RE[2]: Rootkit requires root
by voidlogic on Thu 3rd Nov 2005 22:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Rootkit requires root"
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Some Linuxs such as Ubuntu 5.10 have an autoupdater like windows that tells you when you have updates automaticly and prompts you to install, or at the very least view them. You could always script an update too.
As for Linux/Unix AV software, it is out there, if you want it to run, schedule a job and have it run every night, no big deal. There is the brightside of a linux/firefox combo immune to the vast majority of malware.
I provide linux support consulting as well as custom software and I have found any Linux malware on even the machines running in DMZs. Of couse I never run as root and (gk)sudo for everything, they guys to leave their server logged in as root are asking for it. My 2 cents.

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