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Google This is amazing. Not only has Google just opened up the pre-order program for Google Glass to 'creative individuals', it has also unveiled what the user interface looks like and how it works. It's... Nothing short of amazing. I'm throwing money, credit cards, my car keys, my house keys, my Surface RT, my cats, everything at my screen. I want this so bad.
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Interesting how there was no mention of Apple but somehow you immediately jump to that conclusion and launch on a tangent. Obsessed much?

I figured you were new here, but your profile says otherwise...

How could you possibly have been here 8 years and not know that the only thing Tony post's about is Apple???

Of course he meant Apple - Im not jumping to a conclusion. If he cannot link the topic at hand to either making Apple look good, or making one of their competitors look bad - well he doesn't bother posting.

Really, just go read the last 40 or so posts he has made... Find one that isn't either cheer leading for Apple or ridiculing a competitor.

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