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Google It's turning out to be a bit of a crazy week for cool new products, isn't it? We already got Ubuntu Touch Preview for phones and tablets, then we got the new PlayStation 4 yesterday, and today Google surprised us all by launching the Chromebook Pixel. Google's first laptop appears to be a stunning machine - just don't ask who the hell it's for.
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RE: LOL Google
by umccullough on Thu 21st Feb 2013 22:20 UTC in reply to "LOL Google"
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Google is so inconsistent when it comes to their consumer electronics product offerings, it's amusing.

I'm not sure they have to be consistent - they don't necessarily rely on hardware sales to survive.

I'm guessing they're throwing this out there to see what the reception is like - I wouldn't even be surprised if they have artificially inflated the price simply to target wealthy people with disposable income looking for a new toy to play with.

I suspect they'll use it to gauge interest in the various technologies it comes with and use that information to generate some further products with those features.

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