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Games Late last night, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 - sort of. It's got a custom 8-core AMD x86-64 processor, 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, and a custom Radeon-based graphics chip. It's also got additional chips to offload specific tasks like video (de)compression (livestreaming is built-in!), and there's a large focus on streaming games, but most of it is "an ultimate goal" instead of a definitive feature. It won't play PS3 discs (but will eventually stream many PS3 games), and, while there's some weaselwording involved, second hand games are safe. The biggest surprise? The console itself wasn't shown because it's not done yet. No joke. No price, no release date (other than somewhere before the holidays).
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Comment by jigzat
by jigzat on Fri 22nd Feb 2013 04:07 UTC
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Pointless discusiĆ³n PCs looks a lot faster-most of the time because PCs have a more frequent release cicle and can be upgraded, but consoles have an almost 10 year cicle. PS4 will be a lot better than most of the PCs for a long time. Sure you can expend thousands of dollars every year on upgrades and amazing video cards, but the poor yearly PCs game sells does not attract many developers (piracy fragmentation) .

Now on the technical side the PS4 altough the processor will use x86 instructions, it is not the processsor you would find in your PC, it will have its own tweaks and compilers aimed for stream programming and not general purpose applications, plus it does not have an OS as the middle man between the game and the hardware.

PC gamming is cool too but unless you are a hardcore-rich-geek Warcraft Far Cry Crysis player you will be really dissapointed when you run it on your machine and realize it doesn't look as good as the youtube video because you need 500 dollars on RAM and video cards.

Personally I love console gamming because is dumb oriented has better gamepad support (don't start a flame war over gamepad vs Keyboard mouse please) and sometimes I just want to get away from my PC (psychological speaking) but to be clear I do have BF3 GTA Starcraft and I will buy Simcity when it comes out.

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