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Google It's turning out to be a bit of a crazy week for cool new products, isn't it? We already got Ubuntu Touch Preview for phones and tablets, then we got the new PlayStation 4 yesterday, and today Google surprised us all by launching the Chromebook Pixel. Google's first laptop appears to be a stunning machine - just don't ask who the hell it's for.
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RE[2]: 3:2 screen
by mistersoft on Fri 22nd Feb 2013 12:51 UTC in reply to "RE: 3:2 screen"
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I think the answer is there is certainly a market for 4:3 16:9 AND (probably)21:9/18:9 laptops ..same as for TVs and projectors

...but with 16:9 being the biggest market as it's the best compromise for most consumers -with an appetite for 16:9 film&TV content.

I think 4:3 is probably the best ratio for a productivity laptop though. And I strictly mean productivity in MY case where I need to read a lot of research papers and work with a lot spreadsheet data.

and thereby length, for once, is more important than girth.. ..I mean width.. sorry.

video professionals I'm presuming will want the nearest to their native ratio.

and web developers.. well, their a funny crowd, I can't call that one. I personally hate scrolling down more than I 'need to' on 16:9 displays..

If I'd a choice I'd almost go for a 16" or 17" (diagonal) 1:1 square-screened laptop.
But I'm strange.

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