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Google Lucky bas... Joshua Topolsky got to use and test Google Glass. "Is it ready for everyone right now? Not really. Does the Glass team still have huge distance to cover in making the experience work just the way it should every time you use it? Definitely. But I walked away convinced that this wasn't just one of Google's weird flights of fancy. The more I used Glass the more it made sense to me; the more I wanted it. If the team had told me I could sign up to have my current glasses augmented with Glass technology, I would have put pen to paper (and money in their hands) right then and there. And it's that kind of stuff that will make the difference between this being a niche device for geeks and a product that everyone wants to experience. After a few hours with Glass, I've decided that the question is no longer 'if', but 'when?'" No wonder Google is going into retail. They need physical stores to sell this.
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RE[7]: No thanks
by RawMustard on Sun 24th Feb 2013 16:21 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: No thanks"
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I assume you build your own desktop PC and not your mobile phone, tv or tablet for example ?

Yes I build all my own PC's. My TV is a standard 50" plasma from Panasonic made in Japan. It has no other features other than to display tv channels and allow standard hdmi input.

I have my own built and programed media center pc. I wrote my own software to run it using linux as the operating system and a mixture of C and python to display and record TV, play our music and videos, display our pictures and play many free games and much more. My family have used it every single day for the past 5 years and have a lot of fun doing so. I'm not a trained programmer or have any degrees in computer tech, I'm just a simple chippy that doesn't waist his life in front of an idiot box watching ads and propaganda.

I don't own a tablet yet because there aren't any that will allow me to do what I want with them. I'm thinking of building my own from parts that are readily available theses days at a cost much less than what is on offer. I would never own an android or apple tablet as long as my arse points to the ground!

My phone is an old Nokia N95 which I have repaired several times and suits my need completely. When it dies completely I will get something simple if something similar is not available, we'll see ;)

None of the companies I have bought my products from to date have been ethically and morally corrupt as other companies, so they have enjoyed my patronage.

That can be very useful, because not everyone has access to certain equipment or tools at home or even work, but at a hackerspace you can share.

I don't know if we have these things in Australia. I must look into it. They sound like great places to meet similar minded people and share thoughts and ideas.

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