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OSNews, Generic OSes "LG said today it was acquiring WebOS from Hewlett-Packard, with the intention to use the operating system not for its mobile phones, but in its smart televisions. With the deal, LG obtains the source code for WebOS, related documentation, engineering talent, and related WebOS Web sites. LG also gets HP licenses for use with its WebOS products, and patents HP obtained from Palm. The financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed." Completely and utterly pointless. Smart TVs are a dead end. The TV should just remain a dumb receiver for input - whether from a computer or console via cables, or wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. Our phones and tablets are already smart so TVs don't have to be.
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by galvanash on Mon 25th Feb 2013 17:10 UTC
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Smart TVs are a dead end

I think you are underestimating an extremely large percentage of the market that either doesn't have a smartphone and/or media device or simply doesn't want to deal with one. Having nothing more than the ability to stream Netflix or Hulu or some other streaming service is valuable in and of itself - for many there is no need or desire for any more than that.

On top of that, its a nonsensical argument from a cost perspective. Sure, many people would rather an external device they can upgrade/swap separately. That doesn't make it economically infeasible to include $50 or so worth of intelligence in a device that retails for well over $500 - and the closer you get to the top end of the market the less the $50 matters.

In other words, the "smart" in a smart TV will be nothing more than noise as far as the price tag goes. Sure, right now they fetch a premium - but that is just manufacturers trying to leverage early adopters. The actual hard cost is negligible even now, and it is shrinking rapidly.

I would go as far as to say there is no point not making smart TVs - its practically a free feature. Its the same as ATSC tuners - a large percentage of the US market doesn't ever use the tuner, but it is included in almost every TV on the market because there is no real value in not including it...

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